Honeymoon (2014)

Honeymoon (2014) – IMDb

This movie is quite unnerving, especially if you stick around until the end. Honeymoon starts slow, showing you how these two newly wed love birds, Paul and Bea, are affectionate towards one another. You watch their relationship and can’t help but care about their blissful existence. Movies usually start after development about twenty some odd minutes in, and it’s somewhere after these twenty minutes things begin to change. You feel this change in relationship, in the atmosphere. It goes from happy to eerie and to downright creepy. Honeymoon isn’t a horror that’s all in your face and relies on bloodshed and heavy special effects. Although, where there is in small doses, it makes all that much more effective. The movie is more psychological since you watch this mystery unravel through Paul’s eyes, watching his new wife act so oddly, like a stranger, and like him, neither of us really know what’s going on.

The movie begins with Paul and Bea discuss their wedding and proposal to the camera. It’s light, funny, and maybe some could relate. Next, they arrive at their honeymoon cabin mountain side next to a lake in a small community with almost no one present. They are a happy couple and we’re happy for them. The writing seems genuine and handles the events that unfold with care. It is slow but not boring. Something is going to happen and you almost don’t want it to, however, one night changes their lives forever. That’s when things become really interesting and creepy. The slow pace helps us ease in to the mood and the shock value is increased.  Honeymoon is a slow burn mystery that becomes increasingly unnerving and leaves you feeling anchored at the bottom of the lake’s bed.  Rare finds like this makes movie viewing worth while if you don’t want a film to attack your senses every five minutes. It’s a worthy find if you catch it before it catches you.



  1. FilmMunch · June 20, 2015

    Nice review! I do enjoy a slow-burner every now and then, so I think I’ll have to check this out! Nice 😁

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    • Talk Movies to Me · June 20, 2015

      Same here, there are some great slow burns out there that are rewarding when you’re in a patient mood 😁 thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

      • FilmMunch · June 20, 2015

        have you seen Blue Ruin? it’s a good indie film, with similar pacing, as you described in Honeymoon, think you might like it 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    • Talk Movies to Me · June 20, 2015

      I have not seen Blue Ruin yet but it’s been eyeing me so i think its about time i gave it attention lol


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