Heart and Souls (1993)

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Knowing if I were to browse the various mediums of movie streaming, half hour would float by, and I would impulsively hit play to preserve the time I had left in my life. (God forbid I’d be a wondering soul looking for a movie to watch.) Fumbling through my personal collection, I notice two copied movies that have been neglected, trapped in their own individual paper envelopes. One being We’re the Millers and the other titled Heart and Souls. Already had I taken a trip with the Miller’s to score some pot, I went with the latter for not knowing much about it and basically because I haven’t seen it.

So, let’s talk about Heart and Souls. In the most effortless way of describing the story, a man is followed by four ghosts, souls, what-have-you. He is their link to accomplishing the four lost souls’ tasks. Being thirty years later, there have been number of movies like this. Rom-coms, ghostly-comedic-boohoos that have a focus on the dead’s transfiguration or the Man upstairs waving his hand for those in need of a second chance. Down to Earth and Ghost Town come to mind. Interesting to think why this theme is so common. Perhaps we’re not ready to let go. There’s a fear among us where we need closure, can’t leave any loose threads. For those we love or acts we seem to never fully see through.

The tunes featured in this feature blends a feeling of 50’s and feeling comfortably settled within the domain of the 90’s. You have the doo-wops complimenting the traditional 90’s violin-feel-good that you’d expect in a heart warming motion picture that represents the time period all to well. I will say now and may say again, 1990’s movies are the feel good, most wholesome of a generation. Big claim, I know. Considering the full spectrum of a decade, this is the most consistent. Special mention when the group fancies themselves into their own doo-wop of “Walk Like a Man”.

As for stand outs, they all work with one another. Some play harder in the presence of the story, however they all take equal share as the movie progresses. Despite the predictability, Heart and Souls is a fun ride we become invested in to solve the spirits’ last request; as one departs after the next we want these marooned spirits to fulfill their last wishes. Some are more expectant than others, but in the end, you can’t go wrong with a little wholesomeness drizzled with some sap.

Heart and Souls is a charming movie, perfected for the rainy Sunday afternoon. Whether we’re searching for the comfort of unsaid words with loved ones or simply the enjoyment of the afterlife presenting a humorous perspective of our physical lives, Heart and Souls safely delivers what it’s set out to do. With souls having an inner body experience with Robert Downey Jr. and some cheesiness along the way, this turns out to be a heartwarming movie about being with those you love. What else do you expect from a flick from 1993?

Turbo (2013)

Turbo (2013) – IMDB

I originally wrote this off as any other family movie to be released at the time: a filler to occupy time till something better comes along. What is interesting about a snail that goes fast? Sounds like a topic of conversion from the minds of stoners sitting poolside after a day of rain, watching slugs traverse aimlessly among the wet concrete. Well, it wasn’t until a few nights ago a mood struck me for something fun and I had to watch it.

Turbo opens up with your expected slug jokes and an introduction to the slow critters’ mundane but organized life within a homely garden. Which was fully realized and inventive, reminiscent of PIXAR’s A Bug’s Life in how they work together and function within an oversized realty of vegetation. One anti-salt mollusk has a dream of his own outside the limits of the adjacent sidewalk. And it doesn’t involve following in uniform with the rest of the gastropods, fiending for the next tomato or avoid being plucked by the next crow. This little guy wants to RACE. Be fast like his Italian race icon, Guy Gagne. Our little dreamer, Turbo, wants to reach past his limits, not be prisoned by his limited capacities.

Not without the help of a friendly substance called NOS.

The message of the movie is clear and not muddied by presentation. Challenge yourself to new abilities, reach new heights, but also know what is realistic and imaginary. If you have a dream, go for it, even if someone doesn’t believe in you. And Turbo does all this without being preachy. I wonder if this includes consuming substances to transcend your limitations and enhance your physical capabilities? Maybe I’m digging too much… Crawling forward, it’s rather entertaining and enjoyable to watch the absurdity of a snail racer and taco man team up to win the Indy 500.

A small mention to the voice acting which isn’t just an all star cast selling the movie, they all fit respectively, even Ken Jeong who made me laugh more than once.

I’m happy to find the music is not slimed by today’s music but brings back the old making Turbo feel right at home and more appealing.

Turbo was a nice little movie I could watch again. The message is important without it being overstated about reaching your goals and going past the limit. A fun movie I think will slip by as more movies race to the screen. Not a necessary watch but an entertaining one especially if this is what you’re looking for.